Our Medical Services

The Hospital serves to provide easy access to quality healthcare services for our patients and families and we would like to assure them that the services offered at this hospital are of high quality at all times. All our conditions remain the same as the main Hospital. Health first.
For Emergencies: Call (254) 706 722900

Primary Services

Genearal outpatient

Being a community hospital, Our outpatient department is the busiest. We serve with dignity

In Patient

We pride in a modern inpatient wing both general wards and private recovery rooms

Meternity wing

We serve a community of middle-aged parents families at the prime of building their families.

Laboratory Services

To facilitate proper diagnostics and proper treatment a well equipped and staffed lad is highly issential

Nutritional clinics

In order to support good health, we offer scheduled/targeted and personalised nutritional clinics


Some treatments require physical help to enable proper healing in the form of physiotherapy.

Other Services

Pediatric health Care Services

Specialised children medical for the . The young children form our major clientele

Gynecological Services

Every woman needs a gynaecologist its a service at the core of our service chatter

ENT Clinics

ENT means Ear Nose & Throat. This is a major service at our facility.

Diabetic Clinics

Diabetics and Hypertension are on the rise. We offer Educative clinics for this need


We offer a regiment of all necessary and approved vaccination programs

Health Evaluations

To maintain good health, we offer scheduled periodic health Evaluations as a service

Orthopaedic Clinics

We offer specialised clinics for bone issues the frame that makes us all stand and walk.

Ambulance Services

Our hospital offers specialised patient transfer care in our specialised ambulances.

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Flexible appointments and urgent care.

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Better Health Care is Our Mission

24/7 service. Same Day Appointments are Available.

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